NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to get more powers for Covid response

James O’Doherty

Top cop Mick Fuller has been drafted to stop the state’s Covid chaos amid revelations health orders are too weak to be enforced and the community is in open defiance.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian appeared to concede on Wednesday millions of people in Sydney may be waiting until November for a dramatic easing of restrictions after she ­revealed there had been 344 Covid cases and two deaths within 24 hours.

With thousands made ill and 34 people dead, the government has moved to provide a “circuit breaker” in a bid to arrest the rise in cases.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller took control of law ­enforcement operations on Wednesday night.

Sydney to Face More Lockdowns

The public health orders enforcing the lockdown will be stripped from the control of NSW Health and will be redrafted over the next two days to close loopholes allowing people to dodge the lockdown.

Permits are expected to be introduced to prevent people travelling to the bush unless absolutely necessary after Byron Bay was plunged into lockdown when a Covid sufferer travelled there to inspect real estate.

There will also be an ­additional 500 defence force troops requested to bolster compliance operations and contact tracing, which is falling days behind.


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