Tokyo Medical Association recommends ivermedictin administration to prevent serious diseases

Emphasized that medication can prevent serious diseases (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Haruo Ozaki, president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, proposed the urgent use of the drug at a press conference on September 9, mainly with the aim of preventing the seriousness of home recuperators in order to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus. He stressed that antipar parasitic drugs such as ivermedictin should be administered to coronal infected people, as they have been shown to prevent serious diseases overseas.

In addition to ivermedine, the government has asked for the use of the steroid-based anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone. Mr. Ozaki said, “[Both] have few side effects; I want the government to consider it so that it can be treated at the level of a family doctor.”

Both ivermedine and dexamethasone are prescribed in Japan. However, it has not been approved as a treatment for corona. As of August 8, there are about 1,600 people in Tokyo who have been hospitalized and 1,600 infected people who are “adjusting” their hospitalizations. How to respond to sudden changes in the condition of home recuperators with a lot of mild and asydest symptoms is also a problem.

Mr. Ozaki stressed the number of new infections per day in Tokyo, “Limiting the number to about 100 is the way to make the situation better in April and June.” On September 9, 412 new cases were confirmed in Tokyo.

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