Suicide rates soar during Covid Lockdowns here and worldwide

Brett Sutton lost his temper at a press conference recently and stormed out when a reporter asked him an important question about the growing rate of suicides since Covid and subsequent lockdowns.  You see Brett Sutton only likes to answer questions in his ‘comfort zone’.   We now have a growing number of youth suicides in young children under the age of 18 years. So when the questions got too tough for him to handle he decided to mirror the behaviour of his NSW counterpart Brad Hazzard and storm out.  Cutting off the reporter mid-stream who very nicely asked about the high suicide rates, particularly in young people. 

This is what the Reporter asked “We’ve had eight females under the age of 18 died by suicide, according to the latest coronial data between January and the middle of July this year. But the highest number in five years, 51% increase when it comes to teenage self-harm and emergency departments, I mean how are you preparing or how does your, how do your rules take that into account? Given this, this mental health emergency that we’ve heard so much about.”

Sutton’s answer “These are absolutely tragic circumstances, but I’ve been asked this question 100 times. It’s always the same answer that the alternative is that this goes on for longer and it’s harsher, or we suffer hundreds of deaths, literally hundreds of deaths.”

Brett Sutton, Victorian Health Minister, Australia

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