Alessandro Meluzzi, the no-vax psychiatrist and the hoax of “fake vaccines” for VIPs: “They proposed it to me too”

Alessandro Meluzzi, the psychiatrist often a guest on TV, launches the bomb of the “fake vaccines” proposed and administered to VIPs “from a certain sphere onwards”. The professor, a point of reference for those who are skeptical about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and the effectiveness of the vaccination campagnia, spoke yesterday afternoon during a conference organized by Salute Attiva in San Marino.

The psychiatrist said he had received the proposal of a “fake vaccine”, a drug with placebo effect reserved for elites who would thus save the administration of approved vaccines. And – according to him – he would not have been the only one: “Most of those who have been vaccinated, from a certain sphere onwards, have made false vaccines. I certify it to you because they proposed it to me too». Meluzzi would not have succumbed to the offer, and also explains why: “Do you know what was my response that made me pass for crazy? Because I don’t want to soil my karma.” Meluzzi’s words have bounced on the web, sparking debate on twitter between those who find further confirmation of “conspiracy” theories and those who label “fake vaccines” as yet another fake news.

SUZZARA, ITALY – FEBRUARY 03: Alessandro Meluzzi poses during the NebbiaGialla Noir Festival on February 03, 2019 in Suzzara, Italy. (Photo by Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images)

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