Gladys, A Liar & Fraudster!

NSW Health Laboratories have performed 3.4 million tests and private providers have carried out 5.2 million tests up to July 25, running up a Medicare bill of $587 million.

Laboratories have performed 2.2 million COVID-19 tests since the Sydney outbreak began several weeks ago and more than 8.6 million tests since the pandemic started last year. Private pathology companies receive a Medicare subsidy of $85 per test and public laboratories receive a benefit of $42.50.

Australian Clinical Labs is Australia’s third largest private pathology network and expects $621 million revenue by December 31st

Australian government spent over $19 million on imported testing kits to identify COVID-19 antibodies that the government conceded are of “limited use”.

Taking the lead from Government Public Service as Australia’s top growth industry, pathology, swimming in taxpayer money, is riding this panic-pandemic agenda for all it is worth.

This recorded conversation inquiry to a pathology laboratory paints a picture of lies and deceit portrayed yet again by the spin doctors in power. There are no records available differentiating covid-19 from DELTA, so how is NSW puppet master Gladys quoting delta figures of mayhem engulfing NSW when they do not exist?

Premier Gladys Berejiklian -New South Wales, Australia

You can listen to the phone conversation here:

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